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I'm not hardcore enough to be a true Otaku

26 August
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Let's see...I'm a total yaoi fangirl and I love Adult Swim for providing me with Outlaw Star (damn do I miss it), Tenchi Muyo (missed as well but not nearly as much as OLS), and Inuyasha (I wanna pet the ears too! Damn you Kagome! If you weren't actually cool compared to most anime chicks...)

I'm a big fan of RPGs, especially Final Fantasy. Though I'm also partial to Suikoden and Wild ARMs. My favorite anime character is Gene Starwind, and in video games its probably Cloud Strife. Some more beloved characters include Rion Steiner of Galerians, Leon Kennedy of Resident Evil, and half the Belmont clan. That'd be Simon, Richter, Leon, and while they aren't really Belmonts...Maria and Alucard.

Yeah...I like the occasional girl too...though I'm not so sure it's the way you're thinking you pervert. *grins*